Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Protest on Saturday October 15

THE GOVERNMENT proposals to change the planning law to allow property developers to ruin our Sussex countryside must be stopped!

Throughout its time in opposition, the Conservative Party gave the impression of opposing the tide of tarmac threatening our natural heritage and even won votes on the basis that it would be giving local communities the right to reject unwanted development.

Now, however, it is aiming to introduce a presumption in favour of development, making it virtually impossible for local councils, let alone local people, to have any chance of halting unwanted sprawl.

This is nothing but a charter for property developers to help themselves to our countrsyide and makes a mockery of any idea of democracy.

In order to give expression to local opposition to these horrendous proposals, we are calling a protest outside the Conservative Party offices in Union Place, Worthing (near the Waitrose roundabout) on Saturday October 15 at 2pm.

We urge one and all to come and support us - and, of course, to let their friends and family know about the event.

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